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this shit
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so first off... hello everyone! i apologize for not updating for an insane amount of time! my computer broke last august and it's only just been replaced last week! it's great, but i'm forced to use windows 8... (spoiler: it's horrid)
during the past few months, i've gotten into some new things. i'm playing through a great game called remember me and i've gotten into pokemon (i've found out that n has broken my heart into so many shards and colress is awesome (ALONG WITH LIKE EVERY CHARACTER (except for gen 6 (emma is the only good gen 6 character tbh))))! i've started listening to vocaloid for the first time in years, and i'm really liking maika and galaco! i've started watching anime too (and no, i'm not watching naruto or any generic animes. sao was shit, blah blah blah)! i've also been playing minecraft, although i think i've said that on here. my life has been going good, and so on. 
over the time where my computer has been gone, i've started writing a lot more and i'm now writing not only my story (that might never be published), but i've also practiced my art, and i can proudly say that it's better than what i was drawing last year! i'm finally moving on from headshots to full body images, and they look okay! and now that i have a computer again, i'm designing a (pokemon) fangame with some good friends of mine!
school-wise, the whole year could have gone a lot better than it did. my science teacher was utter bullshit and i didn't gain any friends over the school year. however! i got accepted into a high-school program (note: i'm only in 8th grade as i type this), and i was allowed to take two high school classes! i chose algebra (which is not fun) and japanese (which is very fun)! i honestly believe that my japanese class has made me happier. everyone is nice and sensei is hilarious and very easygoing.
while i was gone (i think the last time i made a serious entry was in 2012), i also got a girlfriend! surprise everyone! i'm a big gay nerd!
however, she was horrible. absolutely horrible. (notice: i don't even remember much about her anymore) i was traumatized for months because i was so scared that she would kill herself. but guess what happened? she didn't! which is brilliant!
the downside? she forgot that i existed in october and started dating another girl without ever breaking up with me. a week after my birthday.
while that is even worse, i do believe that everything will be better. everything is better. i'll find someone else, and they'll be so much better than her. i believe that the world is not that horrible, and i'll stick by that forever.
...ah! i'm sorry! i got a little depressing there! i'm sorry! 
besides that, i feel brilliant! i love people so much more, and my current friends are amazing! i love everyone so much and i love you guys so much, even if i haven't been on here for a year!

but that is not the point of this journal! i wrote it just so you guys can get caught up on what happened recently!

the thing is that i've decided to move accounts. if you've noticed, i've put everything on this account into storage. i wouldn't be where i am without this account, but i just don't feel like trying to restart it. over the time that i've been gone, i've moved to tumblr and met some really good people (and some bad people), and i stopped updating here.
i guess i feel like this account can't be saved. i made this old dear when i was 10.
i'm 14 now. i'm so embarrassed by what i've said all those years ago, and i've changed a lot from then, and i feel like having a brand new start. hell, most of my old friends on here don't even come online anymore!
so i'm moving accounts! i'm going to be over at assassinskye! i'll try updating with some actual art (and maybe i'll do a redraw in the future if i can find my old art), and so on! maybe i'll even make a webcomic! (THAT WOULD BE SOO COOL) this account will stay here as an archive, but i really wouldn't recommend going through my journals unless you want to feel a lot of secondhand embarrassment.
please follow me over at assassinskye! i love you all! please take care of yourselves, you're all so important!

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United States
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i really don't on dA anymore
if you want to find me go on my tumblr.

Current Residence: somewhere in our wide universe
MP3 player of choice: an ipod
Wallpaper of choice: usually i like colorful things but i sometimes have dark things as such.
Favourite cartoon character: if i'm completely honest, it's probably homura from pmmm.
Personal Quote: [6/13/2013 11:59:37 PM] Rythian: it's midnight and i somehow ended up listening to vocaloid music in the itunes store
[6/13/2013 11:59:41 PM] Rythian: what did i do wrong

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